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The Æthelstan Sword

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The Trust has commissioned Hector Cole MBE to create an authentic replica of an Anglo-Saxon sword of the type that Aethelstan would have owned. He is likely to have owned several. It is known that Aethelstan’s Grandfather, Alfred the Great bestowed a sword and a cloak on his grandchild as a mark of his favour and a wish to pass on his Kingship down his lineage.

The commission of the sword is being made possible by a generous grant from the Masonic Order of Aethelstan for whom swords have a special meaning as indeed has Aethelstan.

Hector Cole MBE is a master Arrowsmith and has become a leading authority on the smithing techniques and skills of Saxon swordsmiths. He has had a passionate curiousity for the skills of the blacksmith since being a small child.

Hector’s expertise in ancient craft skills and in particular the skills of the swordsmith have been regularly televised. He reconstructs archaeological artefacts using the same materials and techniques of the ancient smiths.

Hector’s work can be seen in museums throughout Europe including The Royal Armouries, The Mary Rose Museum, The Museum of London, Sutton Hoo as well as at properties belonging to the Royal Family such as the gates and rail for His Royal Highness Prince Charles at Highgrove House.

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Hector will take some 6 months to produce the sword which will be put on display at Malmesbury’s Aethelstan Museum. The funds have been donated to the Aethelstan, First King of All England Trust by the Masonic Order of Aethelstan.

The Masonic Order have a great interest in the use of swords for ceremonial purposes.

The sword represents power, protection, authority, strength and courage but also in a more metaphysical way it represents discrimination and the penetrating power of the intellect.

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Alfred the Great, Aethelstan’s grandfather gave Aethelstan a sword and a bejewelled cloak and effectively knighted his grandson. It was a way of showing his favour and that he saw Aethelstan as a future King.