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The sculpture and location of the statue of Æthelstan - the story so far...

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A concept that has captured public imagination has been created and is now on display in Malmesbury’s Æthelstan Museum.

The maquette depicts a dynamic, young Æthelstan, audacious and forceful... and like a ‘thunderbolt’ to rebels with his invincible steadfastness. The man of whom it was said 'he could rule by the terror in his name alone’.

Aethelstan Aethelstan Aethelstan Aethelstan

Æethelstan was all this and very much more.

The final pose for the design has received very positive comment from the public consultation undertaken so far.

Once consultation is complete and we have raised the necessary funds the maquette will be handed over to the Pangolin Editions foundry in Stroud. There the figure will be enlarged through their computer systems to create a 7 foot high version to be ‘finished' before a mould for the final work is created and a bronze cast from it.

The bronze will be fixed to a 3’ plinth in Birdcage Walk and the story of the process along with the maquettes will be lodged in the Æethelstan Museum.

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The Location

Considered locations: Preference
Birdcage Walk: Meets all the Criteria and the proposed location of a statue could be lined directly up with the Abbey South porch making a strong visual link between the two. The site offers an opportunity to upgrade the whole area subject to permission. We respectfully therefore seek your views on the potential that it offers.