Aethelstan Background
The Aethelstan Trust
The Pangolin process for creating the bronze

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Following the delivery of a finalised maquette or small model of Athelstan, Pangolin Editions will scan the model with a high definition laser scanner which creates a digital version of the model that can be viewed on a computer screen.

This file can then be manipulated using various software including changing its size. Once all is agreed this file is sent to a CNC (computer numerical control) machine, this is essentially a computer controlled arm with a rotating cutting tool at the end that carves the full sized sculpture from a large blocks of polyurethane foam.

Once complete, these pieces of the foam sculpture are bonded together to give the complete figure at full scale. Because the carving machine leaves a pattern or tool path on the foam caused by the rotating cutter, the surface of the foam is sanded and covered in a modelling wax or clay by the artist to recreate the detail of the original, essentially creating a detailed enlarged copy of the original.

Pouring molten metal