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Æthelstan, first King of All England, was grandson of Alfred the Great, son of Edward the Elder and nephew to Æthelflaed, Lady of the Mercians.


I’m Barbara Pollard, Chair of Æthelstan, First King of All England Trust.

Barbara Pollard

With my fellow Trustees, John and Richard, I am raising awareness of the Anglo-Saxon period, particularly the time when England as we know it today, first came into being under the crown of Æthelstan in 927.

One of our target’s is to erect a bronze statue to commemorate Æthelstan’s C10th achievements that will be placed in a prominent position in Malmesbury’s town centre, close to his chosen place of burial.

It will be full of symbolism to help the viewer understand more of this man, this King, this Warrior, educated, lawmaking, protector of his people; Christian, benefactor, statesman.

Will you help? We need £200,000.

So far we have raised £20,500.

Another target is to commission an authentic replica of one of Æthelstan’s swords, forged just as the Anglo-Saxons would forge it. This project is already underway thanks to a kind donation from the Masonic Order of Athelstan. See more about that here (direct to sword page).

On the rest of our website, we tell you about Æthelstan, his life, his lineage, his achievements and we will bring you news of our progress with our targets.

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For more information about the project and Æthelstan himself please take a look around the pages of our website.

Aethelstan Registered Charity - Aethelstan, First King of All England Trust No 1185311

Æthelstan's sword image courtesy of Terry Hewlett.

Sword made by Hector Cole MBE

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